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Humans have been taking care of bees for centuries! Archaeological discoveries have revealed perfectly preserved honey, found alongside the treasure of Pharaohs’ in the tombs of Ancient Egypt. The symbol of the honeybee adorned the many coins of the Roman Empire and monks of the Middle Ages drew them into their sacred scrolls of illumination. But today, it seems the precious art of beekeeping has drifted to the background of life. The spread of urbanization has left many honeybees with no other choice than to make their home in the attics, crawl-spaces, and walls of the structures we call home.

Bee Rescue began in 2008 as a collective effort, to provide an ethical alternative to extermination services, for wayward honeybees in Southern California. In 2010, we started making our own wooden bee boxes and frames for our rescued hives and to support local beekeepers across California. For 10 years, we found ways to feed ourselves and the bees we saved, thanks to the support of family, friends, and paying customers who cared about the wellbeing of these innocent creatures as much as we did. 2020 was a year of great hardship and radical change; through those labor pains of life, we officially became the non-profit organization of Bee Rescue Foundation. 

Bee Rescue Foundation

Despite past struggles, we see a bright future on the horizon of 2021 and beyond. The problems that once hindered local beekeepers are being solved; the vast sources of information available at our fingertips today, make specialized beekeeping equipment more accessible and easier to acquire. Research studies are breaking new ground with natural Varroa mite treatments and hive disease prevention measures. Public awareness is expanding and many are stepping forward to restore the balance of nature in the world we share.

Over the years, the beekeepers involved with our organization have gained powerful insights on the affects of environmental change, ways to shield hives from harmful pests and predators, the dangers posed by use of chemical substances, and the ways urban development can effect the bees of North America. Through an array of services (including; live bee removal, beekeeping education and colony strength evaluation) our beekeepers are striving to make more suitable locations amidst our current agricultural economy and urban environments for bees to flourish.

Together, we can establish a nationwide community of beekeepers who are passionate about saving our bees, and help them to make our world a beautiful place to live! We believe the harvest of abundance is waiting, but the workers are few... the bees need our help. Will you become a giver of life and show love to these precious creatures? We are here to lead the charge! Spread the word... it’s time to save the bees...

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