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Bee Rescue Foundation

We are Bee Rescue Foundation; a network of beekeepers with a common goal: offer an alternative to extermination for honeybees in North America. We have been operating in the Southwestern United States since 2008. We hope to reach our mark of 10,000 rescued hives sometime in 2024. In the meantime, join us whether in person as a volunteer or over the web through one of our new communication portals. Thank YOU for thinking of the bees!

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Our Story

Our group began in 2008 in Orange Park Acres, California. After attending multiple club meetings in the SoCal area, our beekeepers were unable to ensure the survival of the hive once relocated from a structure such as a wall, roof or irrigation box. Here in lies our mission "To provide an alternative to extermination for our honeybees here in North America."


Since then, we have specialized in improving the survival ratio when a common beehive is relocated from a wall, roof or otherwise undesired location. In years past, a typical beekeeper may have a 10-30% survival rate for such hives once relocated to a farm environment.


Just as each beekeeper has his/her own specialty whether that be; raising queens, producing honey etc., Our specialty has become ensuring the success of this alternative to extermination in each and every community across North America. We have begun by providing this beekeeper - to - live bee removal customer communication hub - - >

If you are a beekeeper looking to gather some more bees in your neighborhood, please visit our beekeeper portal for more information.

If you need bees relocated, please click our services tab, so that we can help find the right beekeeper near you.


If you are looking for a Bee Rescue Certified Contractor to eliminate the bee problem from your home, please visit our services tab and click on "bee-proofing & repair"

Thank You

Bee Rescue


Feel free to connect with us here 

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